Hello Internet- Since the site has just launched I know I am the only one reading it...BUT, I wanted to start building up some blog content. So, in the spirit of social media trends I will be throwin' it back every Thursday with work that I love.

(This set was taken...a year ago...I think? In and around the Hollywood/Los Feliz/Atwater area.)

I shot one roll on my trusty AE-1, seldom do I get a collection from one roll but every once in a blue moon I get very lucky. I think some of the success of the set comes from the fact that I wasn't looking to capture anything in particular- My boyfriend and I were driving around and I was shooting out of the car window and as we walked down the sidewalk- the normal pressures I feel to compose an image did not exist.

Also, fun fact, the first photo "Flowers" was published on PhotoVogue/Vogue Italia